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LifeBnao is a product of WeShope Pvt Ltd which is registered under companies act 1956 Govt of India and it is a top marketing company in Chandigarh, Mohali since last three year. The Concept of LifeBnao was started in Aug 2016, Initially with 2 products but now its contains huge variety of products including AC,LED TV,RO,Refrigerator etc.

The company is engaged in the business of selling/marketing the products either manufactured by itself under its own trademark / logo or manufactured by the renowned companies under trademark / logo of the company and also of the renowned and branded companies under the agreement as a Licensee of their respective trademark As the name suggests Lifebanao makes lives. Your success is our company success. We dedicate our company success to people like you who dream of doing something meaningful in life. Lifebanao associates are family and we care for our family.

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What we Provide?

Business Branding

Your goal in tapping into such networks is to join groups that contain your potential clients. Business branding is possible when you join those groups and you will get an opportunity to promote your brands.

Unlimited Growth

We have tried to provide you best business opportunities for your growth in your life where you do not require any kind of investment . You are given license to work for the company and grow in life.

Financial Support

Life bnao provides best financial support for your career and you can fulfill your dreams. You are given a chance to participate in monthly contest and various time bound contests apart from the regular income plans. for you.

LifeTime Membership

With us you will be provided a lifetime membership of the company. You will be provideddiscount coupons, gifts and will be provided information about the latest schemes of the company and the new products launched.

Our Products

LED | 24inches | High Dynamic Range |

BV : 1

Television / 80 cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED TV ( Black)

BV : 1


BV : 1

Ready to join

our team?

As an Indian and Executives of the Life Bnao, I had always been committed to bring smiles on the faces of my countrymen by empowering them with such opportunities that bring success and self-dependence in their life.

Active people in any industry will gain profit with great easiness. Based up on mlm leads new distributors are placed on the left and right legs, thus the tree grows on and on. Also, a well-balanced system makes the plan active .

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Lifebnao is a universal offer, interesting for all types of entrepreneurs. We hold the opinion that in anybusiness, the foremost thing is people. That is why we strive to provide the best business experience to our associates!
We have a qualified and expert team to give always best support to you. We understand that a new member of the family deserves all the support that is required to succeed. We believe in helping and motivating you so that you can face the challenges in the market and be successful.


We have qualified and expert team to give always best support to you.


Encrypted wallet allows you to protect your assets and only you can view your transactions.


We setup safeguarded against attacks.

How to Join Best Business Marketing Company


As the name suggests Lifebnao company makes lives. Your success is our company success. We dedicate our company success to people like you who dream of doing something meaningful in life. LifeBnao associates are family and we care for our family.

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Why To Choose Us

You are welcome to Lifebnao family. We care for our associates and provide them with the best support. Your feedback for improvement is always welcome. We believe that feedback by our associates are actual an opportunity to improve ourselves.

Advantages of becoming a Business distributor
Becoming a distributor of the company has its benefits

a. You will have an opportunity of joining a wide variety of groups who can be your potential clients.
b. You will also get to meet different types of people. When you meet varied types of people you will learn many things of marketing.
c.You will be a driver of your future and grow in life.
d.You will be provided lifetime membership to achieve your goals. You will also be provided with financial support for your needs.

How to become a distributor of the best business marketing company
You can become a distributor by a simple process

You need to sell 2 products to 2 different people. These 2 people will become a part of your team and be your team's members. then these 2 members will sell products to 2 more people and that will start to build up your team. Your team number and performance will determine your success.The best part of the business model is that you are in a win-win situation and your profits will increase with the aid of your team members. Your earning opportunity is in your hands and it will increase.